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As a practitioner and trainer in the Elysium art, I have all the tools and sensual skills you have been searching for...
Elysium will redefine your experience of eroticism, massage and the sensual arts. A slower, softer version of Bondassage (without the body percussion and strict S/M elements) that will stretch your sensual boundaries and transport you deep into the heart of nourishing bliss.
Elysium combines a mesmerizing sequence of extraordinary touches, enticing all of the senses, expertly controlling your state of sensual joy. It is a multi-dimensional journey into a space of complete ecstatic opening and erotic satisfaction. 
Elysium tunes the senses, combining soft, silk bondage, sensory focusing tools, light, excruciatingly slow massage, and expert caresses. My intention is to tease, titillate and fulfill your desires while making a genuine connection that will have an intense effect far beyond our time together.
Please, join me for:
*A unique, heart-centered approach to the ultimate sensual experience and test of self control.
*A higher level of sophisticated, discreet, reliable service that will guide you through the luscious landscape of sensual desire.
*An unwavering commitment to quality, an obsession for perfection, a meticulous attention to detail and a relentless pursuit of innovation.
I want to share my passion with you & solely devote my energy to your pleasure. My goal is to irresistibly draw you in through the art of sensual, mind-shattering touch & leave you in an ultimate state of contentment.
I am in the Southbay (Campbell near the Pruneyard), and normally work between 12:00 pm and 8:00 pm Mon through Sat; Sun with advance notice. I am minutes from Hwy 17, and I-280 & 880; 10-20 minutes from the SJ Airport; 30-45 minutes from SFO .
If you are an established client, please, call me to set up an appointment; for NEW CLIENTS email (jolily2005@yahoo.com) is the best way to reach me.
For information regarding Bondassage, please go to:


250/60 minutes
350/90 minutes
450/120 minutes


90 Minutes $450

120 Minutes $600

180 Minutes $750

Longer sessions available
100/1 hr
150/2 hrs
200/3 hrS
250/4+ hrs
**rates are for companionship time only; usual session rates added, if adding a session to beginning or end of date.
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Suspend time. Transcend reality. Experience Elysium.

I am a Certified Bondassage Trainer as well as a Practitioner

I am a Certified Elysium Trainer as well as a Practitioner.



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